Benefits of Coaching

There are often moments in our lives when we're wondering what to do next. Maybe it's a time of transition or change when the way forward is not clear.  You might be feeling stuck and wanting to do something new but not sure if you can or maybe have many different choices. Possibly there's something you've always dreamed of doing or would like to do but you've been putting it off for some reason.

Personal and professional development

For many of us having time to reflect is a rare commodity in today's fast-paced, constantly busy world. It can be hugely beneficial to take time out to think about where you are now and where you want to be. Having a structured space with someone to listen carefully to you can bring greater self awareness and increased clarity about future possibilities and choices. It brings the opportunity to consider whether you are living according to your values and life purpose and facilitates personal and professional growth.

Held back by unhelpful thinking patterns?

Perhaps you've realised you need support in identifying and changing unproductive and life limiting thinking patterns and underlying beliefs about yourself or others, which are holding you back from achieving your full potential.

Finding a way forward

Coaching can give you the time and space to explore a range of options and find a way forward that works for you. I have worked with many issues including personal development,  communication skills, developing confidence, clearer role definition, career opportunities, redundancy and changing career. We can look at any part of or the whole of your life, including work-related and personal concerns.



Senior Practitioner (EMCC)

I am a member of the EMCC and I adhere to the EMCC ethical framework


‘Cathy has provided coaching and personal support to me over the last 18 months. This coaching has enabled me to remain solution focused in my work strategy, in a calm and supportive way, deciphering aims and clear outcomes required, that has enabled the emergence of short and long term goals.

Alongside this, Cathy has supported me as a person on this journey, understanding the life balance and learning needed to fulfil my role. Cathy is intuitive and understanding in a way that makes the exploration journey comfortable and open.’ N, Director of Operations Community Specialist Care Provider

'Cathy helped me overcome challenges in both my career and in various aspects of my personal life. I found Cathy very personable and easy to open up to. She is extremely effective and knowledgeable and I found every session structured and productive. I am still on my journey but I now feel focused on what really matters to me.' Kelly, Finance Director

'When I started to see Cathy I was feeling stuck and indecisive in many aspects of my life. Cathy’s calm approach has provided me with a number of tools that has helped me attain more awareness, focus and clearer thinking. As I continue to practise and implement the skills I have started to learn, I feel like I’m on a path to a happier me.' Jenny

'I came to Cathy during a crisis point in my life both professionally and personally, and the coaching sessions have been truly life changing. Cathy's calm, focused and tool based approach has helped me make sense of issues and root causes, learn discernment in conflict and build self-confidence. Only 6 months later, I feel like a different person with a new job, self-belief, boundary understanding and outlook.'  Sarah, HR Manager

'I have benefitted greatly from the coaching sessions. It has enabled me to be more focused, reflective and equipped me to be more productive. I have gained skills that will stand me in good stead for future years. I have also been able to implement tools to help me manage my time more effectively. The sessions are always engaging and cause you to think about the bigger picture. I would thoroughly recommend this.'  Tony, Team Leader

'I had some coaching to get the most out of a sabbatical from a busy and demanding pastoral role. It helped me become aware of some of the thinking that was undermining my effectiveness and work out strategies to change. Cathy's combination of counselling skills and the coaching process helped me move from insight to making changes. Coaching also helped me think about the next five years in my career - what I really want to do and how best to do it.'   Hilary,   Pastor for Groups and Pastoral care, in a large, London church

'I have really valued the coaching I had with Cathy. As a result of the sessions my thinking is clearer and I feel better equipped to deal with the challenges ahead, in addition I have increased motivation at work and appreciate my job much more.' Andrea, Project Manager, International NGO